About Us

Hellenic Plastic is a dynamic and modern industry specialized in the production of plastic disposable products suitable and safe for food and beverage packaging.

With experience greater than 40 years specialized personnel and modern mechanical equipment and machinery, our company has achieved a leading position in the market of disposable products and especially plastic drinking straws.

We have the ability to cover high demand with consistency and responsibility based in our efficient and large (14million straws/day) production capacity.

For professional or home use our products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and certified according to the highest international quality standards.

Our company is certified according to the latest international quality standards regarding food safety and manufacturing process.

We offer the ability to the customer to receive customized products according to any demand.

Environmental responsibility is a governing factor in our business ethics and the law and international regulations are being followed with strict observance.

Our production efficiency offers quick and consistent product delivery regardless the complexity and the variety of the order.

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